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Top Devs is an exclusive membership club for selected IT professionals interested in highly rewarding work opportunities. This is the only space providing unlimited real-time direct access to the most exciting employers in the UK — from ambitious local start-ups to established global brands. Membership is free for life. See what this means for you.

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"It's a 24/7 on-line job fair for highly paid IT work"

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Network on-line, in real time, directly with employers. Get friendly advice and referrals to grow your career and find rewarding work.

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Full-time, part-time, contracting, freelancing and consulting opportunities — either on-site or remote. All in a space you already know.

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Get first-hand information and references for the employers and projects you are considering. Ask everything you want to know.

Stay in control

Your privacy is in your hands. Remain fully anonymous, promote your profile, or reveal just the right information to the right people.


Once approved, you can access this space any time you are ready for more work. Your access will always be free. Keep all your options open.

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Help us keep this the highest quality network of IT professionals in the country. Refer your fellow devs for a chance to win cash and prizes.

Who is it for?

Top-devs gives access to a stream of opportunities for back-end developers, front-end developers, QA / testers, DevOps engineers, analysts and other experienced IT professionals.